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The current state of the campaign is that I have 2 committed players apart from myself who would like to play in the ridgefield/danbury area, and we’re currently looking for at least 2 more players and 1 DM, though we’d be flexible to accept up to 4 more players and 1 or 2 DMs. Once we have enough players we’d like to get everyone together and come to a concensus for what kind of campaign everyone would like to play and go from there.

We’re seeking players that would be available monday afternoons/nights for weekly play, though we’d be flexible about the schedule as well.

At the moment, it seems to be the majority of the players would like to play D and D 4e, so we’ll go with that, but if someone wants to play an older version of the game we can put it to a vote.

My name’s Michael, and I can be reached at Lumenangelus777@aol.com. I’m looking forward to hearing from players in the area and hopefully we can roll some dice soon enough.

4e General Fantasy Campaign